Private Equity Investment Banking Group at BI Norwegian Business School is a student group focusing on giving its members further insight in this line of work.

Our scope is mostly related to private equity and investment banking, as the name suggests. Private Equity Investment Banking Group is a student group that focuses on gicing its members the tools and experience to succeed in this line of work. We have guest speakers working within different fields of Private Equity and Investment Banking to give our members a holistic view of how it is to work in these types of financial institutions. Our group is dedicated to have good discussions and seminars exploring the world of private equity and investment banking.

Applicants are welcome and there are no prerequisites of level of competence within private equity or investment banking. What we do expect is that you show up to our sessions and have genuine interest in learning about and discussing within our areas of studies. Applicants are required to send a CV and a letter of motivation to join our group.